Sprig vs. UberEats: A Tasty Dilemma


Jessica Lathan, Staff Reporter

WY students can’t get enough of the new delicious ready-to-go food ordering apps Sprig and UberEats. If you haven’t tried them already, here’s what you need to know.

Both Sprig and UberEats are downloadable free apps in the app store on your mobile device. Most WY students already use Uber as an app to get around the city, but now the app has tacked on a food delivery service. If you’re already familiar with the Uber, you will notice a new plate icon on the top of the screen. Selecting this food icon you are now able to choose from a variety of different meals from restaurants 10 minutes or less from your location.

Teah Medellin, ‘16 says, “I really like UberEats. It’s super efficient and the options are plentiful and delicious.”

Sprig is a relatively new app that provides you with a pre-made menu of about 7-9 set meal choices each day. Your food will then be personally delivered in less than 10 minutes. Sprig makes eating healthy, fast and efficient. Sprig also offers free meals to new members and give you the opportunity to send your promo code and receive $10 for every new member who uses your code.

Raquel King, ‘16 says she likes Sprig because “It’s raw! The service is very fast. Raqua Flocka out.”