Bounce back from the chaos of college applications

Bounce back from the chaos of college applications

Jessica Lathan, Staff Reporter

With applications, deadlines and essays being the topic of discussion right now among WY seniors, here are a few ways to relax and recover from college related stress.


  1. Get a massage.

This is a very useful method to relieve your joints and muscles of tightness. Often times when we’re stressed out our body becomes tense. An inexpensive place to get one is Healthy Zu Spa located in the West Loop!

120 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60661

  1.  Meditate.

This can be done from your home in the comfort of your own bedroom. YouTube has great meditation videos that last about 10 minutes and send you into a complete zen mood. 

  1.    Invest in some candles.

What’s better than some nice smells?

  1.   Take more baths, with epsom salt!

Epsom salt baths are great muscle relaxers. When you get out you’ll feel that your body is a lot less sore.


Any food is good. Whatever floats your boat. Hot Cheetos are my go-to snack.

  1.    Do something fun with your friends!

You probably didn’t have time to do this during the months of applying to college. Get back out there and be social!

  1.    Go on a walk, or a hike, spend time outside!

Long walks in the park always clear my head of stress.