Spooky Story

Lydia Niles-Steger, Staff Reporter

It was a dark, gloomy Monday. The halls of WY looked particularly grim. Mr. Tavolacci was doing his regular routine: cracking a few jokes, yelling at a few kids, and executing a killer lesson plan, when all of a sudden, a super-duper, scary, voice called to his room. It said, “I know what you did last summer!” The voice repeated that same sentence over and over until finally, Mr. Tavolacci couldn’t take it any longer. He ran out of the room with his hands on his ears, screaming at the top of his lungs, “AGAHAHIDESKZBADKELDIE AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

He ran from green house all the way to the main office where he found the place deserted. The lights were off and nothing was on the desks except for the P.A. system. He looked over and there was a note that read “Nice try, T-swizzle” Mr. Tavolacci looked around wearily.

Right away, Mr. Tavolacci knew that if he wanted this creepy voice to stop terrorizing him, he would need to confront it himself. He was on a mission. While looking for clues as to who was behind this, he noticed that the note had a star on top of the “i”, replacing the dot. “What could this mean,” he thought. Mr. Tavolacci began to tear through the staff files when he came across another starred “i”. AHA! Finally, it all clicked. The spooky prank had a culprit.

Mr. Tavolacci walked to the gym building where he found Mr. Starr laughing. Then, Mr. Tavolacci joined in and said, “That was a great prank! I’ll get you next time!” They lived happily ever after, but Mr. Tavolacci was forever haunted about how Mr. Starr knew about what he did last summer.