Celebrate Halloween without spending big bucks

Phoebe Black-Toby, Staff Reporter

This Halloween, be economical, stylish, and scary all in one with these 5 costumes for 5 dollars:

Where’s Waldo: Put on your favorite red and white striped shirt, find a red beanie, and some glasses.

(Courtesy of Uniquepranks.com)

Derek Zoolander: Other than a model stance and smoulder, all you need is a patterned black and white headband, dark eye shadow and purple lips


(Courtesy of Popsugar.com)

Bag of Jelly Beans: Find a clear plastic bag and cut four holes in it for your arms and legs. Blow up a bunch of colored balloons and fill the bag with them, then tie a colored ribbon around your neck. For a professional finish, write nutrition facts with a Sharpie on the back of the bag.

(Courtesy of halloweencostumeideas.biz)

Rosie the Riveter: All you need for this feminist costume is a denim button down shirt, a red bandana, and some red lipstick. Flex your bicep, and you can do it!

(Courtesy of Spiritof45.org)

(Courtesy of cdn.slantnews.com)