Is trick-or-treating okay in high school?

Is trick-or-treating okay in high school?

Clare Brennan, Staff Reporter

Every little kid looks forward to Halloween as an opportunity to collect and devour as much candy as possible. Adults stock up on sugary treats and children go trick-or-treating from door to door, donning all sorts of creative costumes. This long standing tradition is a classic for the October holiday. However, at a certain age, the appropriateness of this tradition comes into question. Younger kids are free to trick-or-treat and adults are responsible for handing out candy. What role does that leave for those in between?

It’s no secret that everyone wants to indulge on Halloween. But as many people get older, they feel that they have to control their sweet tooth, or at least pretend to. Maybe it’s a good thing that high school students are taught not to eat their body weight in sugar every Halloween, but missing out on all that candy sure is a sad loss.

Some teenagers out there will still boldly carry on the tradition. But for the majority that feels that it isn’t okay in high school, who is to blame? While most people would attribute this to the harsh judgement of fellow teens, there may be other reasons.

“It’s uncomfortably awkward, and the adults always judge you. I actually think the little kids judge you, too. I still love dressing up, but trick-or-treating just isn’t as fun anymore,” says Renata Dagley ‘17. But there may be a solution to all this. “Just buy your own candy!” suggests Madison Sullivan ‘17. “I probably won’t trick-or-treat this year, but there’s no shame in buying a family size Costco bag of candy and going crazy.”

In the end, everyone has a different strategy when Halloween rolls around. Whether you’ve outgrown trick-or-treating or will always be a kid at heart, don’t let others hold you back from celebrating however you want!