Student Spotlight: Kopano Muhammad ‘17


Kopano Muhammad ’17 stands unbothered.

Tatiana Rodriguez, Arts & Trends Editor

Transfer student Kopano Muhammad ‘17 expects to let her music flourish at WY.

Q: Why did you decide to transfer from Walter Payton to WY?
A: “Payton wasn’t the right atmosphere for me. It was way too small and I wasn’t progressing as an artist. I got in (to WY) and it’s mad cool. I’m really learning and connecting with my peers and with my teachers. At Payton, everything was really fast paced for me. I always felt like I wasn’t doing as well as my other peers and like I didn’t matter.”

Q: So about how old were you when you started getting into music?
A: “I was 4 years old when I started getting into violin. About 8 years later I auditioned for a conservatory. After I auditioned, they told me that I should play viola instead of the violin. I played it for 2 years. I was a freshman when I started singing. I decided to take vocal lessons because I would get a lot of sore throats from singing. I fell in love with it. After the first year of lessons, I auditioned for (a) vocal jazz (group). I started professionally singing when I was 15 and then I started doing gigs when I was 16.”

Q: What instruments do you play? What has been your experience with performing?
A: “I play violin, viola, and I can hit chords on piano. I’ve been teaching myself the piano since the 6th grade. I started doing gigs mostly this summer. I was in a choir, I performed with a band, and I performed by myself. I did about 3 performances a week. Most were unpaid.”

Q: Tell me about the band you’re in now.
A: “The one I’m in now started in the summer. The drummer, Eddie, invited me to a party. We ended up performing and I met Tony, an amazing keyboard player, and Johnathan who’s just ridiculously good at bass. We do this gig, Jared is playing the saxophone, and it’s amazing. We ended up doing another gig after that and then we became a band. We’re looking for more musicians. If you play guitar or piano, hit me up.”

Q: Tell me about your relationship with the Red Line Lounge Band.
A: “Oh Thomas’ band! They’re mad cool. Tatiana (Rodriguez ‘16) and I get off the train and they’ll ask what I want to sing for them that day. I felt it in my heart after that first performance in the train with them. (I’m) not affiliated with them but we’re just friends.”

Q: Do you think you will pursue a career in making music?
A: “Most definitely. I have a lot of people rooting for me. I’ve sung for people before and they’ve started crying. That means something to me. I feel like for myself and others I cannot abandon art. I have difficulty expressing how I feel sometimes so I sing to tell people how I feel. It’s what I do.”