Fashion Icon: Eric Thompson ’17


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Q. Who are your biggest fashion inspirations?

A. Jaquan Irving is my biggest fashion inspiration. The way he plays with color contrast just feels so relatable to me.

Given an unlimited budget, what would be your first clothing purchase?

A lifetime supply of fruit of the loom undies. A new pair for every day.

What is your favorite brand of clothing?

I focus more on the fit of my clothing then branding, but I’m a big fan of Vans and Nike.

Q. What is one piece that you would say defines your style?

A. I’m bringing the phanny pack back. You heard it here first.

Q. Where do you find most of your current clothing?

A. Usually online or in thrift stores. Ja’ Boy loves a good bargain.

Q. Who else in the school do you feel has a style similar to yours?

A. The ever fashionable Mr. Tejano.