WY to host annual spring shows

Deepti Mahmud, Staff Reporter

With summer festivals like Pitchfork and Lollapalooza coming up, it’s easy to forget about the wonderful concerts hosted at WY by our own WY students.

On May 8 and May 9, the dance classes of WY will be showcasing their work in the annual spring dance show. Seniors will choreograph and perform their own dances. Tickets are $8 and are available from members of the dance classes or the school store.

On May 21, all the levels of piano will showcase what they’ve learned after an entire year of solos and ensembles.

“Going to the piano concert is a great opportunity to support your friends’ musical abilities,” says Katherine Shen, a junior in Advanced Piano.

Ranging from beginners to advanced, the piano concert lasts around 2 hours, and is $8 at the school store and $10 at the door.

On May 22 and May 23, WY will have their annual Asian American Club (AAC) show. The AAC show features dances from a variety of Asian cultures, such as tinikling, k-pop, and Indian dance.

“[It ]features acts a school year in the making that showcase a wide variety of cultural performances and traditions with a foothold in both contemporary society and Asian society,” says Jason Sebek, a member of modern K-Pop dance

Tickets will be $8 at the school store and $10 at the door.