Summer Jobs and Internships

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Deepti Mahmud

Although summer seems unbearably far away, March marks the time where students should start making summer plans. While some explore France or go camping in Alaska, most will stay in Chicago. Just because one isn’t in a completely new environment doesn’t mean they can’t have an amazing summer.

Diana Calvo ‘15 can testify to that. This summer, Calvo will be working with Michael Bauer, a WY science teacher, with the summer program Reaction Science. The program works with kids who are around 10 years old and teaches them how to program robots to do cool tricks and complete challenges on a computer.

“Watching the kids actually complete the challenges is the best part. 10 year olds programming robots are pretty impressive,” Calvo muses.

This summer will be Calvo’s second year working for Reaction Science, and she’s excited to see even more amazing kids thrive.

If working at a summer camp isn’t for you, there are many parents who are looking for tutors to make sure their children don’t forget the things learned from the previous school year. Nancy Wu ‘15 works at Ivy Garden Learning Center, a tutoring center for CPS students. Working with students of a variety of ages, and Wu helps them with reading and mathematics skills. Her favorite part of the job is getting to know the children and building friendships with them.

The benefit of living in Chicago is that there are many options for things to do over the summer. Whether it be working at a summer program, a tutoring center, participating in an educational research program, or working at a retail store, you’re sure to be able to find something that suits your interests.