NHS to make changes this year


Dillon Jacobson, Staff Reporter

WY’s National Honor Society has been making several changes including fundraising for and donating to school clubs, increasing its presence in community service, and reviewing the application process for becoming a member of NHS.

The National Honor Society plays a large role in helping out students and the community. Members of NHS are required to tutor in the writing center helping fellow students with studying, finishing their homework, writing essays, or anything else they might need. Members have also started volunteering after school to tutor kids at Skinner West Middle School.

In addition to tutoring students, NHS has purchased 15 AP and SAT 2 prep books for the writing center and has also raised over $2,150 to donate to school organizations.

NHS is also reevaluating the requirements to join the organization. NHS is changing its admission process to be less subjective in its grading and evaluations of applicants.

NHS will continue to take students’ GPA and service hours into account. Starting this year, the minimum GPA requirement to join NHS is being raised from a 3.75 to a 4.3 for sophomores and a 4.5 for juniors. A new point system will also be implemented into the process. In addition to GPA and service hours, the new system will take students’ involvement in school activities into consideration.

Applicants will also have to submit an essay which will be reviewed and graded by current NHS members. To prevent bias and subjectivity, each essay will be graded by three different members of NHS.

The top 60 applicants with the highest point scores and essay grades will then be admitted as members of NHS.