Look cute while staying warm

Sami Hart

Chicago is starting to freeze over, but that does not mean that your style should. Try some new winter trends to give your winter style a hot kick.


Hats are your best friends during the wintertime in the freezing weather of Chiberia. But you can look cute while staying warm. Try to ditch the over worn beanie and de-grunge your outfit with the comeback of berets. They come in every color so they match any over coat or boots! If you are trying to go bold the wide brim hat can dress up any outfit and really make a statement while still keeping your head and ears from freezing.


Just because you only wear your jackets outside does not mean that you have to sacrifice being trendy. Spice up your outside attire with a fur vest or wrap. Not only does it keep you nice and toasty but you will look great as well. If faux fur is not your thing try a long wool coat. They come in many different styles and colors and come on everybody needs an Olivia pope moment.


Sweaters are everybody’s best friends in the wintertime. Sweater pants and dresses are the best way to look chic while still feeling like your in that Monday outfit. Try to pair it with a comfortable platform boot and some long socks and your “lazy day” outfit will look better than ever. Even dress up your jeans with a over sized turtle neck and a pair of over the knee boots.