Beacon staff share weird food cravings


Zoe Davis

Zoe Davis’s Bacon Banana Bread

Claire- Kimchi on burgers

Maya-Sugar on hashbrowns

Claire- BBQ sauce on pretzels

Aram- Cream cheese bagel with scrambled eggs

Charlie- Tortilla chips with cottage cheese and siracha

Rachel- Grapes and ranch

Zoe- Bacon-banana bread

Billy- Mayo and siracha

Sami- Toast with mashed avocado and siracha

Kasey- Peas on pizza

Sophie- Pickles with peanut butter

Dillion- BBQ sauce and mac and cheese

Mrs. Franklin- Popcorn on ice-cream

Andrea- Cheez-it crackers and Nutella

Jack- Spaghetti and guacamole

Cole- Mayo on pizza

Shawn- Vanilla ice cream with bacon bits

Amanda- Cottage cheese and mayo

Kaelee- Mac and cheese with ketchup