Prepare yourself for another cold winter

Claire Bentley, Arts and Trends Editor

Another year passed and Chicago has never let us down with an inescapable, freezing winter. Here’s how to get through this season with the ultimate survival kit.

Wool socks: Don’t want to invest into winter boots? Wool sockssocks are a warm alternative and will refrain from your feet turning numb on snowless days. You can find wool socks at any clothing store, but if you’re looking for a discount then Marshalls is the place to go.



Chapstick: Protect your lips from resilient wind and head to any drugstore where you will find a variety ochapstick-summer-lip-balm1040do071811f chapsticks, ranging from different brands to flavors. Brand likes Burts Bees, EOS, Blistex and Carmex can be found in stores from Target to Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy. You’ll feel a whole lot better facing the winter weather when your lips aren’t cracked and dry.


Hand & Foot Warmers: Even if you have gloves and a good pair of shoes, the cold can still find a way todownload keep you shivering if you’re outside. HotHeads Hand and Foot warmers can be stuck in your shoes, your gloves, or even your pockets. They’re especially helpful if you’re out in the open, and can be bought at any local drugstore.


Holiday sweater: A Chicago winter is rarely the time for t-shirts, unless you are particularly daring. You canUgly-Sweater find a variety of inexpensive, warm sweaters at any thrift store like Village Discount, Family Thrift, or Salvation Army. Holiday sweaters can also be found a vintage and resale stores, especially everyone’s favorite go-to place, Ragstock.


Hot Chocolate: Nothing is better than having a warm drink to hold onto when going to school, coming home after a long
day, or simply braving the outdoors on a blustery day. If you’re looking for a unique place to get a hot chocolate or a hot coffee, then Sip Coffeehouse on 1223 W. Grand Ave or Dark Matter Coffee on 738 N. Western Ave are sweet places to check out.