Hot spot: La Pasadita


Sophia Kreutz, Creative Director

Do you have a hankering for not only classic, but delicious Mexican cuisine? If the answer is yes, La Pasadita — open from 9am-3am- is your place. With two locations within twenty feet of each other, one will never find themselves empty handed.

Located at Ashland and Division, just south of Division and on the west side of Ashland, the restaurants are only eight minutes away from WY by car. Along with the closeness, the food is also inexpensive.  If you are looking for insider tips, the southernmost building has the best burrito toppings and the northernmost restaurant has the best tacos.

Fan favorite meals are the steak tacos, all of the burritos, horchata, and the chips and guacamole. Whether it’s during your lunch period or after school, take the time to check out the joint that knocks La Lagartija Taquiera, Chipotle, and La Cuchara off their feet.