Taylor Bennett turns himself into police

Jack Rueve, Staff Writer

Taylor Bennett, aspiring artist and brother to Chance The Rapper, turned himself into police on Oct. 23, after allegedly beating a man at a party.

The incident allegedly occurred on Sept. 28 on 2200 block of South Michigan Avenue. Bennett attacked the 21-year-old college student after the man stepped on his shoe. The assault was caught on camera by a witness, and according to sources, the victim has suffered “a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain,” as well as continuous “impeded speech and headaches.”

After being tracked down on social media via the video, Bennett turned himself in. He and an accomplice who is said to have assisted in the beating were held on a bond of $75,000.

Neither of the Bennett brothers have acknowledged the situation on social media. Bennett’s recent actions contradict his anti-violence movement. He promoted the campaign on his Twitter account with #SaveChicago, and recently visited WY to talk about getting kids of the streets and promoting kids to follow their goals.

“When I found out about this I was shocked, its really ironic seeing him at my school talking about how we need to clean up the streets of Chicago, then two weeks later he goes off a nearly beats someone to death just because they stepped on his shoe.” said Sammie Leon ’16.