Raymond’s Reviews : AP Physics 2


Raymond Gu, Staff Writer

Would you be shocked if I told you that AP Physics 2 is a must-take class? If you didn’t know, Mr. York teaches AP Physics 2 and he makes the class absolutely amazing, but you don’t just have to take my word for it. When I asked Leon Chen, a student that previously took AP Physics 2, he said that he “loved the class, and it was even better with Mr. York as the teacher”. If you’re planning on taking the class or are now interested in taking it, then you’ll want to stick around for this review of the AP Physics 2 course.


The workload of the class is moderate at most. Since AP Physics 2 is extremely conceptual, most of the homework, such as AP videos and MCQs, are assigned to help you learn concepts rather than assessing your understanding. This reflects in Mr. York’s grading policy, as he is generally quite lenient with scores and focuses more on improvement rather than giving grades. This approach to teaching is also reflected in his test policy, as he allows an infinite amount of retakes as long as there is improvement between each one. I believe that this is extremely helpful because it allows students to focus on learning first and scores second.


As you may be able to tell from his grading policies, Mr. York is extremely kind and it’s actually what makes AP Physics 2 stand out to me and many others. While it is a little hard to show with just words, Mr. York’s kind personality is extremely inspirational and you can genuinely see the time and care he puts into making his class a good learning experience. When I asked Colin Moy and Brandon Huang, students who previously took AP Physics 2, about their thoughts on the class, they both said that AP Physics 2 was a “chill class” and that they “really enjoyed the class”. This is an extremely common response that you’ll get from students that previously took AP Physics 2 and I promise that it is for a good reason.


So if you’re planning on taking the course or on the fence about it, I’d recommend going for it, because you’ll be inspired and take something out of the class every single day.