Seven Trendy Halloween Costumes

Deepti Mahmud, Staff Writer

1. Elsa or Anna from Frozen 

  • Disney answered everything you’ve been asking for when they created new, beautiful characters who sing. You can finally retire your little mermaid costume-you’re going 21st century.

2. An inmate from Orange is the New Black (OITNB)

  • Channel your favorite convict with that orange jumpsuit you have laying around the house. You’ll be sure to meet some fellow friends (and enemies) on the streets of Chicago…just pray that you don’t run into Vee!

3. Kimye

  • Get a partner and show off your best Kardashian and Yeezy impression. Bonus points if you carry around a baby that looks like North West.

4. Lebron James 

  • Yeah, you forgot about Halloween until the day before, but at least you can finally start wearing that Cleveland jersey again!

5. Where’s Waldo 

  • Although Waldo’s normally difficult to find, you’ll be sure to see a lot of red and white striped shirts and beanies this Halloween season.

6. Power Rangers 

  • Although they might not produce anymore episodes of this classic television show, these heroes will never go out of style.

7. Katniss Everdeen 

  • When she’s not standing up for the districts and going against the Capitol, she has countless look-a-likes knocking on strangers’ doors and asking for candy.