The Return of School Spirit

Ellie Van Houten, Arts Editor

Last month, Whitney Young had  our first in-person, all-school pep  rally in almost two years. While  we were online last year, there is  something undeniably different  about being able to gather in the  same space to celebrate our school  community together. In short, the  energy was palpable. 

Especially wonderful was the opportunity to see so many Whitney  Young groups perform. The pep  rally is always a great showcase of  our performing arts groups, and after a year and a half without band,  music or cheer, this one was more  special than ever. The performing  arts have been one of the activities  most affected by COVID-19 in  general, the lack of infrastructure  and influence relative to athletics making it difficult to specially  arrange in-person events. While  virtual concerts and dance show cases helped to maintain a sense  of continuity and community last  year, the magic of live performance  feeds off the energy of the crowd. 

Thus, the pep rally represented  a real triumph for these groups as  they finally got back to doing what  they do best. Band performed a  fun Madonna cover, as well as the  school song of course. Choir sang  the national anthem beautifully.  Guys and Dolls, Poms, and Cheer  all did incredible and rousing dances and routines. Jabba44x (Senior,  Joshua Mister) even got up to rap a  couple songs, which got the whole  school on their feet. It was so lovely  to see our performing arts groups  shine alongside our obviously in credible football team, representing  the versatility of talent we have here  at Whitney Young. This diversity,  and even more so, the continuous  outpouring of support from our  school community are what truly  make us the School of Champions.  

Photo courtesy of DubTV.