What I will and Won’t Miss About Remote Learning

Nina Murphy, Writer

What I will miss:

Not taking the bus –

I think the best part of remote learning was all the time that opened up for me. I no longer had to take the 6:30 bus to go to school, which meant I got more than an hour of extra sleeping time. After school, I simply closed my computer and I was already sitting on my bed ready to start my homework, which meant I homework earlier than usual too. I could actually do my hobbies during the weekdays while still getting my homework done, which usually isn’t an option for me.

The long breaks –

Because everyone had a lunch period and a long break in the middle of the day, every other day you either started school late, ended school early, or had a over two hour long break in the middle of the day. For me, this meant that I could finish a homework assignment, talk on the phone, chill, and walk to a food truck before my last period.

The pajamas, YouTube, and breakfast –

I consider myself a good student, but I did take advantage of being able to do what I wanted since we were home. I paid attention to
my classes, but while I was wearing pjs. I did my worksheets during work time, while I was watching Yyoutube videos. I had my camera on (sometimes), while I was eating my cereal.

What I won’t miss:

Awkward teacher-student conversations –

This is the worst part about online learning hands down. Watching a teacher be ghosted by a student was the most distressing thing that happened to me all year. There’s also the classic case of the student who hasn’t been paying attention and then gets called on. In person, a friend of theirs would help them out, but online, everyone has to witness them desperately trying to figure out what page the class is reading from.

Lack of interaction –

I didn’t know how much I missed talking to acquaintances/in class friends until I had a group project with a few of them. I had gotten so used to only talking to the teacher and my closest friends, that I forgot how important it was for me to talk to other people throughout the day.

–The computer screen –

My eyes were so strained at the end of every day because I was staring at
a screen for 10 hours a day. I don’t think anyone is going to miss looking at one thing and one thing only during waking hours.