The Only Remote I Want… Goes To My Television!

Alex Henderson


“To be, or not to be.” Rather to remote, or not to remote. Since the beginning of the Covid outbreak, states were forced to close down schools and use remote learning. School went from being a social outlet and extremely interactive to listening to long lectures on a computer. Remote learning has many advantages such as allowing students to wake up later in the morning and be in the comfort of their own home. The block schedule is also better, allowing students to only focus on four periods a day, with work time built into their schedule. In addition, remote learning protects students and staff from the virus. Even though remote learning has advantages, there are many educational aspects remote learning is missing. Such as, missing the one on one interaction with teachers and counselors, too much time sitting in front of a computer screen, and students missing the social aspect of school.

The Beacon asked  Jeremiah Shade ’21 if he preferred remote or in person learning. ¨ In person learning is way better because there is an incentive. Whether that’s seeing friends, hanging out after school or just being able to go home. With remote learning you lose all of that.¨ Many other students agree with him as they miss the personal interaction between peers and teachers. Other students prefer remote learning. Leilani Williamson ‘21, says, ¨I’m in the comfort of my own home. I prefer the block schedule and I´m saving money on not having to buy lunch or pay for gas. I also love the fact that I have access to everything I need and am fully safe from corona. 

I finally asked a teacher for their perspective on the subject. Mrs. Smith, Biology teacher says, ¨Remote teaching is the worst! I feel like I am talking to myself… you know how much I talk! Teaching was not designed to be remote. There are equity problems with it too. Not all of my students have reliable internet so that decreases their ability to access the materials and our meets. I miss seeing my students and coworkers. I am trying to do my best but it feels like not enough no matter what I do. My relationships with my students are so important to me, I feel like remote teaching is such a hindrance to that.¨ There you have it! Personally, I prefer in school learning over remote learning but they both have great advantages toward the learning process and experience. My question to you is, how do you feel about remote learning?  Add a comment below, the Beacon would love to hear from you.