A False Positive

A False Positive

I don’t really think there are any real upsides to online classes besides making up for the lost time that would be spent in travel. While I may spend 15-30 minutes getting to school, I know other classmates have up to an hour-long ride to get there. This is helpful towards never being late again, but I’d rather a bunch of tardies than continue having online classes.

Many say they prefer the lack of travel as it also helps them get more sleep. Since people don’t have to travel an hour to get to school they can just wake up and be ready. So many people are saying things like, “I don’t have to wake up as early.” as Afrika Hooks ‘21  noted or, “I found myself getting more sleep” Tyson Leitao ‘21 said. This is just a problem school hasn’t really dealt with, so I won’t consider it an advantage since getting 8 hours of sleep shouldn’t ever be considered a privilege.

The same principle stands with classmates who say it keeps them from getting sick, “It makes sure that I can stay safe and Covid-free,” says Sam Andrews ‘21, but this isn’t a positive thing, it’s just the reason why we are staying out of school. I’m very glad they canceled it really seemed like they were just going to keep it open even though the number of cases just kept rising. It’s not like they’d send us back before it was over.

Aside from all these side effects, the main issue is learning, and many, including fellow classmate of mine, Andrew Elysee ’21, says, “It becomes difficult to stay focused during the longer classes.” David Furs’21) agrees to say, “It is sometimes difficult to learn through a screen, and maintaining focus is more challenging.” Both are students who I know pack a powerful punch brainwise and yet they agree online learning isn’t the easiest thing.

While it may not be the best learning experience it has managed to teach us something. It is possible to have four classes a day. It is possible to allow leniency towards deadlines with students. It is necessary and appreciated when children are allowed to sleep, and most importantly it is possible to have classes with fewer students.