YouTube Review

When it comes to learning, relaxing, or even just passing the time, YouTube is one of my favorite websites to use. If I am trying to learn something, I can always count on YouTube having videos that offer varying knowledgeable perspectives on what I want due to its user generated content. This especially helps if there is a topic in class that I missed, or just didn’t understand, and in this I am certainly not alone. “I like to watch the Crash Course series.” says Ruth Hannah ‘23. “I’m in APUSH right now and they really help me to better grasp the concepts.” Some of my personal favorite educational videos are those made by Tom Scott. While they aren’t always in traditional school subjects, he does a very good job of taking unique topics and presenting them in an interesting and in depth way.

Another great thing about YouTube is that if you need a break from the educational content, you can always watch some for fun. “I like to watch videos on the lore of Destiny, my favorite video game,” notes Daniel Lopez ‘21. However, not everyone finds YouTube so useful. “I haven’t watched YouTube much since middle school,” says Eden Handley ‘22. Nevertheless, YouTube has a wide variety of content that can appeal to a wide variety of people, making it a wonderful educational and recreational resource.