Matt James gives the final rose to Liberal Activist, Rachael Kirkconnel


Nia R Lambert

On March 15th, Matt James gave his highly anticipated final rose to well-loved  Rachael Kirkconnel. She is a liberal activist from Cumming, Georgia a suburb right outside of Atlanta. Rachael graduated from Georgia College and State University and part of the Alpha Delta Phi Sorority graduating in 2019. When appearing on the show Rachael was immediate eye candy for Matt James and loved by fans. In the middle of the season, she was given Loubouttions from Matt along with a shopping spree. “I knew he would pick Rachael, it was obvious from her first one-on-one,” confidently said Suzy Mae ‘25.

During the last episode, Matt sent Rachael mixed signals about not taking her on their final one on one but Rachael stayed strong. In the end, Rachael received the rose but not an engagement ring. For Rachel, this was okay because she could still date the man of her dreams. They dated for about four months before a just announced breakup. 

When asked about her past during the show, Rachael was super excited to share her past. She had been involved in Women’s Marches, Black Lives Matter rallies, and even posted about how culture is not a costume on her Instagram stories. She has even been known to in high school start an activism club. “I believe in equal rights for every human being and activism isn’t something new to me,” says Rachael Kirkconnell. 

When Matt spoke about Rachael he always kept a smile on his face, “there is just something about Rachael, that is unlike any other woman. Her drive to help others and be honest is something I greatly admire.” Fans were very excited to hear Rachael was chosen for the final rose, many knew all along, this made the breakup even more shocking.

Matt and Rachael took their break due to Rachael’s upcoming activism career and feelings that Matt had too many conservative views. Many ranging from anti-climate change to lowering the minimum wage to $4 an hour. She expressed that although she did not expect this outcome she was thankful for all the memories that were made. She recently posted on Instagram speaking on how her situation with Matt out shadowed a lot of other women and her deep apologies. 

Many in Bachelor nation thought season twenty-five was a letdown from the girl drama to the aftermath of Matts’s final choice. Although many are excited for Season 17 and 18 of The Bachelorette, featuring Michelle Young and Katie Thurston from this past season.

In the end, Bachelor Nation has been on its toes for the past six weeks and with it all coming to the end, the buzz continues to rise, especially when it comes to Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell.