Lane Tech Comes Out with A Win (Internally)


Tyson Leitao, Editor/Writer

The boys basketball team had a fearsome, gruesome battle against the self proclaimed “School of Champions” Lane Tech. It was a cold and icy night in the Windy City. On 211 South Laflin Street there was a storm brewing, but not outside. Right in the gym of the Whitney Young Dolphins. People wanting to get in all around the city for this highly anticipated game. It was Senior Night for the Dolphins. A little unusual with a pandemic surrounding the world, but the show must go on. They honored 5 seniors in their ceremony, but you could tell how unusual everything felt. The game time was set for 7 p.m. and Lane Tech wanted a win and had the desire (but not the skill). Brian Scalabrine, Lane Tech ‘22 said, “We are definitely ready for sure, but we are hoping they don’t play with their dominant hands.”

For Whitney Young it was just another game. They knew their jobs and they knew what they had to do. They were to go in the game with the odds of  winning 500-1 in their favor. They had gone through 100 schemes and knew about everything there was to know about basketball. They were the best team in the state. They needed to represent the names on their jerseys and destroy the competition. Lane had a target on their jerseys and the Dolphins were ready to shoot. Flip the Dolphin, ‘70, said “Man is it a battle every year and by battle I mean battle. Whitney Young from the years before has always crushed the competition in everything truly being the ‘School of  Champions.’ For some reason Lane Tech still thinks they have a chance.” Truly harsh words from the representative of Whitney Young. You could definitely see the competitive spirit between the two. And so the layup lines came to an end and all the talk was over. It was time to see what both teams were made of. 

The starting 5 came out for both teams and immediately Lane Tech was at a disadvantage because it looked like they were playing the Monstars from Space Jam. The Dolphins towered over the competition. The game started and it was no game at all. Quickly the Dolphins were on top and stayed at the top for the entire first half. HuckleBerry Finn, ‘55, a viewer of the games livestream had said, “This Young team is one of the greatest I have seen in years.” The second half was much like the first, the Dolphins were raining 3s and dunking the ball left and right. The end score had never never been seen before, a wounding 97-12. Lane Tech  was defeated, but morally excited with the 12 points. They couldn’t wait to tell everyone they knew about those 12 points they scored on the mighty Whitney Young Dolphins.