YouTube: The Next Resource for Learning

Ethan Nakashima, Writer/Editor

When you first think of an educational website, things like Khan Academy, Quizlet, or Nova might come to mind. They can all be easy to use and work with, and are overall valuable resources in learning. These are all great with providing students with all kinds of assistance (me included), but there is another website that I think helps me the most. My favorite educational website that I use is YouTube

For me and many others like Edwin Chen ‘21, who watches YouTube “everyday or anytime I’m doing something, for  probably like 5 hours a day,” YouTube isn’t anything new. With a countless number of videos for you to watch, there is almost nothing that YouTube doesn’t cover. The thing I like most about YouTube is that it doesn’t focus purely on teaching you about school-related subjects. To me, an educational video isn’t only something about math or reading, but about other nonacademic topics as well. Videos can range from a tutorial on how to tie a tie, a guide on a video game, tips on making the perfect ramen, and everything in between. Stephen Luo ‘24 just recently watched a video “on different ways to cook eggs.” These videos are easy to access, either through your recommended video page or the search bar. If you didn’t find a particular video to be very useful, the sidebar offers many other related videos with more information. 

Of course, along with educational videos, there are also a variety of other kinds of videos you can watch, such as gaming montages or music videos, which can be fun to watch after you’re done working. Other popular kinds of videos include “short meme videos and chill, well-researched and well-edited 10 minute videos,” which are Ben Stoddart’s ‘21 favorite kinds of videos to watch. Overall, I find YouTube to be an extremely helpful tool for my studies, and if you aren’t doing so already, I think you should definitely give the educational videos a try.