Desmos, The Best Math Website

Andrew Elysee, Writer/Editor

Shows what Desmos looks likeDesmos is an online calculator that allows users to perform functions that aren’t always simple on calculators. Their graphing calculator is the most popular and can be used to easily visualize equations and interactions on a two-dimensional plane. In many cases, it is significantly more convenient than using a separate graphing calculator like a TI-84. Desmos is an essential tool in any math student’s toolbox.

One important feature of Desmos is that it’s free and accessible to everyone on just about every platform. Desmos can be accessed online from their website or on an iOS or Android phone via the Desmos app. Even on cell phones, Desmos brings its full functionality to the user. This accessibility makes it the perfect replacement for confusing calculators for many tasks. Owen Yu ’23, an Honors Trigonometry BC student said, “Yes, I like Desmos. It’s basically a graphing calculator but I don’t have to actually bring out a graphing calculator. Makes everything a lot faster.” Desmos’ accessibility is just one of the reasons why students use it so much, while the main aspect is its features.

Desmos offers many math tools including a matrix calculator, scientific calculator, matrices calculator, and geometry tool. The most popular of all is its graphing calculator. Charles Cooper ’21, an AP Statistics and UChicago Bridge student said, “I like Desmos because it helps you visualize things.” Desmos allows you to graph equations in many ways including on a standard (cartesian) grid or a polar grid. Unlike normal calculators like the TI-84, Desmos is capable of graphing equations using more lax formatting rules so y = x can be imputed as y – x = 0. Desmos also allows users to add slider variables so you can see how different parts of an equation can affect its graph. Desmos is definitely one of the most versatile calculator apps that you can use.

I think that Colin Moy ’23 summed it up perfectly, “Yeah, I think it’s good. It’s a convenient graphing calculator when I’m too lazy to take out my actual physical calculator, and it’s nice for class activities.” Desmos is one of the best educational websites on the internet because of its versatility as a calculator.