Khan Academy Review


Tyson Leitao, Editor/Writer

Khan Academy

Have you been struggling with online learning? Do you lack in particular areas and want some help? Are you just looking to advance your academic skills? Look no more because Khan Academy is just the place for you. Khan Academy is an educational organization that gives interactive learning, interactive exercises, and free video tutorials. Their motto is “changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone anywhere.” 

I asked my friend Jaeshon Thomas ‘21, “Have you ever used Khan Academy?” He said, “Yeah, I used it to study for my math quiz before.” Khan Academy has a large array of courses, lessons, and practices. You can have your own personalized dashboard that helps keep learners on track and help in and out of the classroom. There are plenty of lessons on math, science, history, grammar, SAT prep, coding, medicine, music, Pixar filmmaking, financial planning, and so much more. The tutorials are informal in style and organized for building knowledge one concept at a time. You can even have an electronic blackboard talk with someone who has a mastery of the topic or lesson. I personally used Khan Academy to help for my SAT prep. They focus on skill mastery and help learners across the world establish strong foundations. There are hundreds of lessons and videos which means there is no limit to what you may learn next. After asking my friend Darius Duff ‘21 Lake Forest Academy, “What is the best part of Khan Academy?” He responded by saying, “It’s really a great website. My favorite part is the videos. They are very informational and help a lot.”

This nonprofit organization believes that everyone deserves a world class education and that education is a human right. It helps your errors and always thinks for the betterment of the student. My friend Ahmari Harris ‘21 told me, “Khan Academy really does work, honestly it has helped me in many ways.” Overall Khan Academy truly does believe in helping students and these hundreds of videos and lessons are only the beginning. I encourage you to take a look and enhance your learning in your own way.