Is Khan Academy good for learning?

Kayla Casiano, Writer/Editor

What is Khan Academy? Khan Academy is a program that helps learning resources for all ages. Khan Academy started in 2008 by Sal Khan. Khan Academy offered study Math, Science, computing, History, Art History and more. Khan Academy also helps prepare for their big test like PSAT and SAT. Another great perk is it’s free program!!! You can find Khan academy online. When I was growing  up, I used Khan Academy, and it helps me to practice and study what I need for. Before I was struggling with Math, Science, Writing and History. I decided to interview three members of my teacher, friend and family to see what their experience of Khan Academy was. The first question I asked was to my math/history teacher Artrice Kelly. 


The first question is Why are you using Khan Academy? What helps you?

She said, “I started using Khan Academy with my students a few years ago.  I use it because it gives my students an opportunity to practice concepts learned in class at their own pace and on their own time.  I can track student’s time and progress.  Khan Academy also has built in grading that’s convenient for me.”

The Second question is What is your experience with Khan Academy? 

She responded, “My experience with Khan Academy has been very positive.  Khan Academy does not work for all of my students but many of them enjoy watching the videos and the step by step explanations.”

The last question is Would you recommend this to other students or families? Why?

She answered, “Yes, I would recommend Khan Academy to other families and students.  I use Khan Academy with my own son.  If he requires more explanation and models of a concept I find Khan Academy to be helpful.  It provides visual models and explanations followed up with practice problems for students to try on their own.  I think it is good practice and helps reinforce concepts.” 


The second person I asked was my Aunt, Erica Chacon. 

Why are you using Khan Academy? What helps you?

She said, “I have used Khan Academy to help make Spence do my kids math homework. It helps me see examples of different math problems and it even gives me a mini example to help my kids.”

What is your experience with Khan Academy? 

She answered,  “My experience with  Khan Academy has been positive and helpful because it feels good to be able to have a website that’s free of charge and helpful to families, especially the students.” 

Would you recommend this to other students or families? Why?

She noted, “I would totally recommend this website to other families and students because it is easy to work and it builds your knowledge level and it motivates students and it has a good amount of math problems. Another reason why I would recommend it is because students can work on their own paste.”


The third  person I asked was my cousin, Arianna Chacon.

Why are you using Khan Academy? What helps you?

She responded, I use Khan Academy because it helps with my work that I don’t understand. 

What is your experience with Khan Academy?

She said, “My experience with khan academy is that I needed help one day with math so I was looking on google and I found this website and it really helped me with math.”

Would you recommend this to other students or families? Why?

 She answered, “I would recommend this to family and friends because it has videos that help you to solve the problem or something similar. Also it improves your skills in school.”


So, Khan Academy is a valuable resource.  I know from personal experience.  Funny story: I remember that I was having a hard time with writing because I didn’t know how to write a long paragraph, complete sentences,  and spelling words. Right now I feel more confidence because Khan Academy helps me improve my skills.  I would recommend this to other students or families because it will help you to improve your educational skills and also it is free.