Top 10 Most Beautiful Road Trips in the U.S.

Emma Young

As the possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine, and a future where it is safe to travel is on the horizon, it isn’t such a bad idea to start daydreaming about your next trip. There are many well-known and hidden road trips that might intrigue you, so here are the top 10 most beautiful road trips you can explore. 

  1. Hana Highway, Maui: Coming in at number one is the beautiful Maui, with a road stretching 52 miles from Kahului to Hana. Although you’ll have to take a plane to get to Maui, the amazing sights will make it all worth it. The giant sea-cliffs filled with vibrant green mango trees will leave you speechless. 
  2.  Highway 101, Oregon:  At number two is the stunning drive on Oregon’s coastline. As you take a look around you’ll see stunning mountains and greenery and crashing waves. You don’t want to miss a drive down this coastal road.  
  3.  17-Mile Drive, California:  Although this drive is less than 10 miles long, the Monterey Peninsula will be something you remember for life. 
  4.  Trail Ridge Road, Colorado:  At number four is the highest paved road in the United States, located in Colorado. This stunning drive is about 12,180 feet high, and you’ll be surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park. 
  5.  Highway 12, Utah:  Number five might surprise you, but Highway 12 in Utah… yes, Utah, is filled with breathtaking mesas and towering rock formations. This road will allow you to pass by Bryce Canyon National Park and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. 
  6.  Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia:  Virginia might be for lovers, but it is also for beautiful road trips. This drive along the Appalachian Mountains will make you feel as if you’re soaring through air. 
  7.  89A, Arizona: This stunning drive from Prescott to Flagstaff will take your breath away with giant rock formations and mountains.  
  8.  Anchorage to Valdez, Alaska:  Don’t let the cold weather drive you away from visiting Alaska, because these mountains ranges and giant peaks are something worth seeing. 
  9. Lemhi Pass, Montana and Idaho: This elevated rive, 7,323 feet to be exact, will be surrounded by mountains, history, and greenery. 
  10. Ocean Drive, Newport, Rhode Island:  And last, but most certainly not least, is the peaceful ten mile drive along the ocean.

Overall, the US has many incredible locations to offer, and beautiful sights to see. I know I’m waiting eagerly for the day I can travel to these breathtaking places. 

Hana Highway, Maui