The Best Super Bowl That Can Still Happen


It all started because of this Instagram post by Tom Brady’s backup on the Buccaneers, Blaine Gabbert, captioned, “Gangsters move in silence.” I was intrigued because I did not see Blaine Gabbert as the gangster type. I sent it to my friend, Jeremiah Garcia , Carver ‘22, and he said, “He definitely is silent because I didn’t know he was on the Buccaneers,” which meant that because of the transitive property (or something along those lines) that Blaine Gabbert is indeed a gangster. Anyway, learning that Gabbert was the backup to Brady, led to me being curious as to who the backup for the Chiefs is. Imagine my surprise when I saw Jacksonville Jaguars legend Chad Henne is the current backup for Patrick Mahomes. This immediately got me excited, because if a miraculous series of events were to occur that caused both Brady and Mahomes to be unable to play in the Super Bowl, we would have a Super Bowl in which Chad Henne and Blain Gabbert were the starting quarterbacks. When I brought up this proposition to Angel Rodriguez, George Washington ‘22, after a brief pause he responded, “Yeah…I guess that would be cool.” I mean, think about it. You would have a quarterback that has 60/63 TD/INT ratio going up against a quarterback with a 50/47 TD/INT ratio. This would cause a football game that would be both extremely chaotic and entertaining. It would essentially be a game to see who could mess up less, and I am here for it. Talking to Geraldo Gutierrez, George Washington ‘22, about it, he simply said, “I don’t watch football.” Obviously I’m not in the minority here when I say that I think this would be the superior Super Bowl. Given the circumstances however, it is very unlikely that it’s going to happen.