Top Ten Hobbies to Pick Up During Lockdown this Season

Ellie Barczak

These are hard times; things are limited for us to do right now.  I am here to give you some suggestions of what to do with your time this holiday season and over winter break!

  1. Crocheting – Crocheting is a tough thing to get the hang of, but once you do you’ll be the star of your friends. You can shower them with handmade scarves, hats, sweaters, and even blankets.
  2. Baking – Want to have sweet treats without having to make a trip to your local coffee shop? Try baking at home instead. Start off with making simple treats like brownies then move on to more complex treats like danishes!
  3. Reading – These books will surely get you back into reading, even if you say you hate reading. Learn something new for a change. 
  4. Working Out – It’s easy to pile on the pounds with all of 
    the inactivity quarantine has brought on. Especially with the holidays approaching, the Thanksgiving Ten will definitely catch up to you.
  5. Meditation – With the holidays coming and going, it is important to keep peace of mind during the stressful time. Learn how to meditate to keep your thoughts at bay.
  6. Cooking a Holiday Meal – It’s probably the first time that you’ve been stuck at home for the holidays and had to cook Christmas dinner for yourself. Learn with this easy how to guide on preparing a lovely holiday meal. 
  7. Learning a language – Remember those four years of Spanish in high school that seem to have gone straight out the window. You can boost your fluency with a few minutes a day of Duolingo. 
  8. Foster a Pet – In need of some company during these hard times, foster a cat or dog for some loving!
  9. Learn to Code – Want to add coding to your resume! Use the free site codecademy to gain some new skills or sharpen the ones you already have. You might find a new interest or hobby to put on your college apps!
  10. Make Candles to Gift to friends and family – Fill your home with lovely smells at a low cost by learning how to make your own candles. It’s easier than one would think. 

The good thing about quarantine is that it gives us a lot of time to do things that we might not have gotten to do otherwise. Finding a new hobby will save us from rewatching Grey’s Anatomy for the fourth time in the long days at home.