Top 5 Basketball Players of all time    

Lee'Andre Travis

 Lee’Andre Travis


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Top 5 Basketball Players of all time  



Every moment of the day there is someone that talks about who and what is their favorite basketball player of all time. Today, I will come up with my list of top 5 basketball players of all time in the NBA. In the end, This list may be a little biased but it‘s coming from the heart.


Starting off with my number five  best player of all time, Bill Russell. Bill is one of a kind. This man has 11 championships in his career and he just topped everyone. He had most of the Celtics championships and was just one of the greatest rebounders of all time.


Continuing  on with my number four best player of all time, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Man listen, Kareem was one of those. Not only did he create the skyhook, which was later done by many other stars , but  he won championships with the Lakers  and got his number retired by the Lakers.

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My third best player off all time is the King himself, Lebron James. Lebron is very much a generational talent . The way he moves, the way he passes the ball , and the way he carries himself is one of a kind. Lebron just makes everyone around him so much better.


My second best player of all time is Kobe Bean Bryant.Kobe was so clutch like the clutchest of  him all. If there was anyone I would take in a clutch moment it would be Kobe. Kobe had the drive of  a mamba and he was just the black mamba. He won 5 championships in his career and was just a legend.


The best player of all time in my opinion was the goat himself, Michael Jordan. His Airness, let me tell you. Jordan was just so fluent and had incredible air time, He could fly from the  free throw life like no one else and he just walked on air. He was able to win six championships and was just driven to become the greatest he can ever be.,the%20most%20in%20NBA%20history.&text=Jordan%20was%20also%20among%20the%20greatest%20winners%20in%20NBA%20history.