Online School

Lee'Andre TRAVIS

 Lee’Andre Travis


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There has been a lot of debate over whether online learning is as effective and interesting to students as traditional “brick and mortar” school. hool.. Online school is a system that has to be started because of the Covid-19 outbreak that happened back in March. Covid-19 is a virus that is very deadly


Many students don’t seem to like online school.  Karen Hughes ‘23 says,

“I hate it. I actually learned the things that the teachers were teaching when we had in person school but now I’m not retaining anything. I also don’t have any motivation to do online school” Karen thinks that school was easier to comprehend back when we had it in person and that it doesn’t  motivate her enough.


Other students have a different perspective. “It is definitely easier to learn and focus when physically in school. However, online school is a new experience that honestly isn’t bad,” says Da’Jae Allen. ‘23. The last student is  a senior at Whitney Young  who has something to say about this system. “ I would rather much be in school right now. I have lost the little motivation that I have right now and online school gives me headaches.Sitting in front of a computer screen for 8 hours is just not the move,” says Davion Harris ‘21. As you can see Online school vs. Physical school is just an interesting topic for students in the year 2020.