Code Switching

Lee'Andre Travis

 Lee’Andre Travis


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 My name is Lee’Andre Travis and I come with you today on the interest of code switching. I was given the opportunity to ask three  students from different grades levels at Whitney Young, about code switching and whether or not they think it is necessary . Code switching is where you switch your act around when you get around different people than usual. “I don’t think it’s necessary to be honest. If you have to act differently, it either means you’re not being genuine or the people you’re hanging out with aren’t genuine,” says Luka P. ‘22. Luka thinks that people should have to change themselves. 


Another student said “I think it’s common with minorities in the school. I think it’s necessary in the sense that people of color and other minorities stay true to their roots and culture,”days Da’Jae A. ‘23. Da’Jae was trying to say that she thinks that Code Switching is a very common thing that appears in Whitney Young. The last student was a senior at Whitney Young that has gotten to see the ups and downs at Whitney. “ People in Whitney are extremely biased and if you talk differently than what is the norm, you may be perceived as ghetto or uneducated,” says Davion H. ‘21. As you can see code switching is a thing to talk about in the Whitney Young community as we are in this 2020 environment.