Top 3 Best Fonts for the Perfect Assignment

Ethan Nakashima, Writer/Editor


If you’ve been doing your homework lately, you’ve almost definitely had to write something up online. No matter what the subject is, you always have an important decision to make: which font to use. In this top 3 list, I’ll give my best font picks that will be sure to make your work look great! 


3. Oswald: While Arial and Times New Roman are the dominant fonts in paper writing, they doesn’t look too great in presentations. For title fonts, I think Oswald is definitely the way to go. The font is naturally big and bold, so it won’t look out of place as a heading. However, as the main text of a presentation, it can stand out and be somewhat difficult to easily read, since the font is a little more on the skinny side.

2. Calibri: Along with Oswald comes Calibri. Calibri is the perfect complement to Oswald as a body content font for slideshows, as they are both sans-serif typefaces. Though it can look similar to Arial to some, the rounded stems of letters help give the font a refreshingly “not-so-formal” look, while managing to remain seemingly elegant-looking. From what I’ve seen, this font gets a lot of hate, sometimes to the same degree as the wretched Comic Sans, because of its status as the default Microsoft Word font since 2008.This isn’t much of a problem to someone like me, though, thanks to the fact that I almost never use Word. 

1. Arial: To end off this list, I’m going to make a bold statement and show you why Arial 11 is better than Times New Roman 12 for writing papers. On first glance, the two fonts look to be the same size and width. However, the height of lowercase letters in Arial are actually slightly taller than Times New Roman! This slight difference in height is all you need to make that paper look a tiny bit longer, which is also why I’m writing this article with Arial. On the other hand, Times New Roman’s uppercase letters are larger than Arial’s letters, but this doesn’t make a difference, unless your paper is in all caps for some reason, or your caps lock is just broken. 


That’s the end of my list of the 3 best fonts. Choosing a good font may not seem that important at first, but content readability plays a big role in keeping readers interested and engaged. In my experience, these fonts have been the most useful to me during online classes. I hope this list helps make your assignments look perfect!