The Remote Learning Schedules

Comparing the two Dolphin Day schedules

A few weeks later: The schedule has changed! At the beginning of the year, classes started at 9. Now, classes start at 8. At the beginning of the year, classes were shorter than they are now. Which schedule do students like more?


Out of the 6 students surveyed for this article, 83.3% of them liked the schedule at the beginning of the year better. Many liked being able to wake up at a reasonable time and having less screen time. “I don’t think it was ideal, but considering the fact that online learning in general is rough, I think it was better than what we currently have because classes were slightly shorter, although still long. I liked [starting] at 9am rather than 8am,” says Larissa Gosslau, ‘22.


Although the majority of students liked the schedule at the beginning of the year more, a few students do like the current schedule more. “[There is] more time for work, 10 minute breaks between classes are nice, and the day feels more productive,” notes Nandi Myhand, ‘21.


What can the school do to create a schedule that best serves students? Many students suggest shorter classes, starting later and having less advisory time. “I think enforcing synchronous/asynchronous time would be very helpful,” adds  Morgan Michichich, ‘21.


When students have a voice in determining the schedule that works best for them, everyone can make the best out of this trying time.