Top 10 Quarantine Albums

Kimberly Vu-Smith, Writer

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve all been put into isolation (well most of us). When left alone we tend to sink deeper and deeper into our own thoughts which can be both a positive and a negative. Instead of having our friends and extracurriculars keep us busy, we have numerous outlets such as TV, books,  and food, but one of the most important venues I’ve been able to use as an escape is music. Here are my top 10 artists that I have listened to during the pandemic and some notable albums. 

  • Mac Miller (K.I.D.S) This album is one of Mac Miller’s older albums. It captures this carefree teenage essence, and for us teenagers, it can speak to us. 

  • Lorde (Pure Heroine) This is Lorde’s debut album which she released when she was 16. The album is full of rough singing and soft rap. Like Mac’s K.I.D.S album, Pure Heroine speaks a lot about the teenage experience.

  • The Lumineers (Cleopatra) I like to call The Lumineers’ my folksy band. The songs go from being super fun and upbeat to slow, instrumental songs. I love listening to this album when I go on my quarantine walks.

  • Smino (blkswn) Smino is a singer and rapper in one. He has a unique voice and a weird flow… but it works!! The way I describe this album to my friends is “vibey rap.” 

  • Solange (A Seat at the Table) Solange’s album speaks upon the pain and joy of black womanhood. The songs are beautiful and rich with meaning. 

  • Still Woozy (Lately EP) Still Woozy has become one of my favorite artists to listen to when doing anything. His style is a nice mix of soul, indie pop, electronica, and a bit of alternative funk. This EP is a quick listen! 

  • Drake (Thank Me Later) I’m sure everyone is familiar with at least one Drake song, but many people have only listened to his newer releases. This album goes in between half-baked rap and half-hearted R&B. The album features other big names like Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, and Alicia Keys.

  • Noname (Telefone) Listen to the full album and go in order. It’s a very rich and intimate album. There’s a bit of a gospel feel to it and soft rap. Not to mention, Chicago’s very own!! 

  • Raveena (Moonstone EP) This is my go to EP in the shower. It’s soft and breathy and a bittersweet ode to love. It’s only four songs and each song blends indie pop with soul. 

  • Manwolves (A Safety Meeting) Manwolves is an Evanston born band. Sometimes singing and sometimes rapping. Their songs are all VERY catchy.