Something to Help the Halloween Spirit

Michael Benavente

Quarantine due to the coronavirus has not been fun for many people, myself included. Not being able to see friends, or even go to homecoming has definitely been rough, and has made some people isolated. One of the big things that many people may have not even considered when quarantine started, was how holidays would be affected. Halloween, being probably the most social of all holidays, basically can not be anymore because of the fact that trick-or-treating and costume parties are not allowed. This means that for Halloween festivities we will have to fall back on entertainment (whether it be movies, tv, or even videogames). So as a recommendation to help make things seem a little more festive, I recommend you play Call of Duty’s mode Zombies. To quote Jeremiah García ‘22, “I have spent the last seven years of my life playing this game mode.” The mode’s main goal is simple: survive the undead hordes chasing after you. The mode spans across multiple games, with upwards of 20 different maps between them. Some maps are small, set in a dark gray world war 2 bunker, and some maps are sprawling cityscapes filled with Lovecraftian creatures. You can play them straight up, and only try to survive, or you can go on a quest. Now the quests are often extremely in depth (to quote my friend Angel Hernandez ‘22, “Depending on the easter egg you can be playing for anywhere from 1 to 3 hours) and feed you information on the story behind the maps, but once again, they are not required to get enjoyment out of the experience. These games can be played with up to four players (so you and 3 friends), and can provide you with hours upon hours of enjoyment. You can take your pick from any of the 4 Call of Duty: Black Ops games, but I personally recommend Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, because it includes the most maps (many of them remakes of maps that were in previous games), and to quote Geraldo Maldonado ‘22, “Black Ops 3 just plays and looks better than any of the other games.”


Note: with each game, there are only a couple maps that you get when you buy the game, so for many you will have to make additional purchases in-game to get more. And also, just as a warning, these are Call of Duty games, so there is blood, violence, and simulated gunfire. If none of those things cause issues for you, then have fun and start playing.