Senioritis during Quarantine

Trinton Moore, Writer/Editor

Senioritis is something that plagues all high school senior students, no matter the state, country or planet. Once a Senior completes their college applications, other classes become obsolete, even AP classes. Now with virtual learning, Senioritis will become more deadly than ever before, It is already hard to stare at a computer for 7 hours a day, but when you are a senior it is even harder. Andrew Elysee, ‘’21 says that “He has no motivation to do anything. When teachers give me large assignments I wait until the last minute to work on them and turn it in. I’ve just been procrastinating homework and scrolling through my phone.” As you can see, online learning has made it even harder for students, especially seniors, to focus during class. Many seniors do not take online classes seriously because teachers can’t really control the class setting,  When asked if he would be able to focus if we continued online classes, Jack Fleck, class of 2022 says that “Probably not because right now I’m trying to stay focused until we get back.” Senioritis is even starting to affect next year’s senior class.

Online classing further exacerbates  Senioritis because many students believe that through online classing that are not really learning any new material, so they feel that that they do not really have to focus in school.  Senioritis is starting to affect students earlier due to quarantine. Morgan Michicic, class of’21, says that “I started feeling Senioritis as soon as we went into quarantine last school year. Since we’ve had no foundation of in-person learning to start off our year it’s even worse now.. I have much less motivation that I expected I would have.” The boredom from online learning is starting to affect almost every student. Seniors just hang in there, after college apps are over all the stress will be relieved.