Should TikTok get banned from the United States?

Kayla Casiano, Writer/Editor

Should TikTok get banned from the United States?

For those of you that don’t know What is Tik Tok?  Tik tok is an iOS and Android social media app that was launched  in September 2016 in China. 


There have been a lot of different opinions about whether the TikTok app should be removed completely from the United States or not. Our government feels that Tik Tok could be used against us as a threat. While I would say Tik Tok should not be banned because people enjoy Tik Tok, they love to dance, meet new people, food hacks, clothes hacks, etc, I decided to ask my friend’s opinion to see how she feels about this topic. My question to my friend is “should Tik Tok get banned? Why or why not? What is your opinion?” 


(My friend) Richelle said “if Tik Tok does not change guidelines and stay on top of what is appropriate content and stick to fair restrictions especially when there are many minors then it should get banned otherwise if it does stay on good restrictions and guidelines considering the age of the user then it should be fine.”


Claire Macellaio said “ No, I don’t think tik tok should be banned because it is a good way for our generation to connect with each other and express creativity.”


My other question is “should Tik Tok be only for high school and up? Why or why not?”

Teresa Pan said “ I feel like certain people should not be on it, like little kids because there is some material on there that is kind of inappropriate.”