Borat is at it again


Kai Ramirez

Sacha Baron Cohen is back as Borat fourteen years after the original film where he plays a popular reporter from Kazakhstan. This cover allows him to make a fool of himself while having embarrassing yet hilarious interviews with business owners, politicians and celebrities.

The character started on his popular TV show Da Ali G Show that aired in 2002 featuring his three most famous personas: Ali G, Bruno, and of course Borat. The show was based on a similar premise of interviews with famous people as a character who is not seen as the brightest. 

The sequel to Borat comes out today, October 23rd and Sacha Baron Cohen has made quite the footprint on social media leading up to release. Appearing as Borat with many famous celebrities like Ariana Grande and David Dobrik and even making his own TikTok account.

When asked if they are excited for Borat 2, Raymond Wang ‘22 says, “I watched it at midnight as it released last night and absolutely loved it.” DubTV’s very own Jonatahn Napoles ‘21 says, “I only know Borat from David Dobrik’s new vlog so I am over the moon excited now.” My brother, Chase Zarate asked, “Who is Borat?” As you can see, the social media campaign obviously worked. The new movie will be released on Amazon Prime Video. Will you be watching? Let us know in the comments!