My Take on the Final Presidential Debate

My Take on the Final Presidential Debate

AJ Luesebrink, Writer

“Give me the remote” 

“No you give it to me” 

The sound of two retirees fighting at their nursing home. With the election right around the corner and the last debate being what can only be referred to as a “dumpster fire.” This debate had low expectations.

 A saving grace was the moderator’s ability to cut the mics, finally let each candidate talk fairly uninterrupted. But, with a more civil debate there was somehow less substance. Jerry Quan ‘22 summed it up best “less interruptions but still a comedy show.” A constant “he said vs you said,” with little talk about future policies and more about what the other man had allegedly done in the past.

On one hand, Trump constantly switched topics or plays to what he has successfully done. Chloe Kim ‘21 remarked that “It was hilarious Trump claimed to be the least racist person in the room.” Trump also repeated his claim that he had done more for the black community since maybe Abraham Lincoln. Trump also commonly responded back to any of Biden’s policies with “why haven’t you already done it when you were vice president?”

On the other hand, Biden repeated information and often got caught on words. While Biden did lay out some good policies like creating jobs through green energy, he often had to talk about allegations or couldn’t reply with actual substance. Sonya Ko ‘23 said “the issues were not addressed to my liking. Biden often did not refute Trump’s statements.” 

Overall this made for a relatively uninteresting debate that showed little of how the candidates will affect the future of the country if he were to win. This has been my opinion on the debate, tell me yours in the comments.