Sports Cancellation

Richie Raclaw, Writer/Editor


Students and parents gather to protest the cancellation of high school sports.


Sports are, and have always been, a critical part of high school. Especially for Whitney Young students. Every year we have students from all different sports go on to compete at the collegiate level and chase their dreams. Some have even been able to play at the professional level. Many juniors and seniors this year have been training since they were freshman for a chance to showcase their skills in hopes of getting offers. Sadly, this will not be the case this year. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, IHSA has pushed back all the sports because a vaccine has not yet been released. This is devastating for our seniors who were hoping to play sports in college. As their season is pushed back, they have less time to get offers and decide which school they are going to for the next four years. And seniors who need to get film, like football, girls volleyball, and soccer, have to worry about if they can even get it in time. This goes for juniors playing spring sports too. They rely on that film to get offers. Especially spring sports like lacrosse, baseball, girl’s softball, girls soccer, and boys volleyball. Not to mention the students who need offers to afford college. They are going to be hurt the most. All athletes of Whitney Young are affected by this. Even the freshmen and sophomores who need to get better for when they can play. If you are an athlete, I’m sorry. During these trying times, all we can do is hope for the best.