Keirsten Woodard, Writer/Editor

      No one could have prepared for what 2020 would bring. From a global pandemic to raging wildfires. From political tensions rising to losing our favorite stars. We have all felt isolated one way or another and could use something to get us through these tough times. So, here are five things to do at home to keep your sanity.


    1. Learn a new language

At times like these, it is important that we try our best to come together as a whole. Learning new languages could help us do this because it eliminates language barriers. It is also really cool to be able to speak multiple languages. So, why not? Caleijah Paige, 21, says, “I listen to Kpop so I decided to start learning Korean as a hobby during the pandemic. It got me through the most boring times of the lockdown.” 

    2. Learn how to play a new instrument 

Learning how to play a new instrument may seem hard at first, but once you get going you may start to have fun. Choosing the right instrument for you is important. Choose something that you think you would have the most fun with learning. After you start learning, you could even challenge yourself to write your own songs!

    3. Create Art 

If life feels a little overwhelming, or even if you’re just bored, creating art is a fun thing to do. You can let all of your emotions out into your artwork. You could draw, paint, knit, crochet, anything to get those brain juices flowing !

    4. Discover New Artists 

There are many ways to discover new artists and music that you may like. There are many music outlets to find these. Such as, Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, and many more! Ariana Curran, 18, says, “I’ve discovered so many new artists within these past six months, the majority of them I discovered through social media and Apple Music’s New Music Daily playlists.”

    5. Stay Connected 

Staying connected is pretty easy for most people living in our generation. If you feel your sanity slipping away, call a friend, text your favorite family member. You could get lost scrolling through Instagram and/or Twitter for hours. You could scroll through TikTok for hours. Jeremiah Shade, 17, says, “My phone was the only way of me connecting with people besides my family for months literally. FaceTime became a very integral part of my life and to keep people up to date and just interact with things like funny TikToks, tweets, and new shows were the only common grounds”. As long as you have a device and wi-fi, the possibilities are endless.