How the Covid-19 affected my family

How the Covid-19 affected my family

Kayla Casiano, Writer/Editor

 I decided to interview two members of my family to see how COVID-19 impacted their lives. The first question I  asked was to my Aunt Erica. 

“What has been the biggest challenge for you individually since Covid-19 started or for your whole family?”  

She said “ my biggest challenge was staying indoors.”  She said this because she loves the outdoors and keeping my little cousin indoors. The second biggest challenge was not being able to purchase water, food that her family regularly consumes. Like eggs, milk, meat, bread, rice or even purchasing essential house cleaning products. 

“How do you feel about Covid-19? Please explain?”

 She said she felt said that kids around the world would now have to do remote learning. 

“Did Covid-19 change you? And why?”

 “Yes, now I have to wear a face mask even to go eat. 

“Do you know anyone in your family or anyone you know that test positive for Covid-19?” 

She said “No”. 

“What would you do if the Covid-19 is over?” 

She said “I honestly will have a big party with friends and take a nice vacation with the family.” 


“What things have you done differently than before?” 

She said “The things I did differently then before were clean my house more than frequently and washcloth almost every day to keep germs away as well as keep social distance were a face mask and keep the going outdoors to the minimum.”

Carmen (my grandma) My grandma was affected by Covid – 19 because she was laid off from her job after working for the company for 25 years.  It has been really hard for her just to get by.  She feels like Covid-19 changed her life completely, she feels like she doesn’t have enough money to survive, not enough jobs, and she feels like she can’t move because the streets have been really dangerous. Her hair stylist was Covid -19 positive.  The things I will do if Covid-19 will be over will be go back to my job and will continue to take safety precautions.  The things that she has done different now then before have been cooked every day and made earring as a little hobby. 


As you can see, the Covid-19 virus has impacted people in my family.   Leave a 

comment below if you, too, have had a family member impacted by the virus.