Is COVID Taking A Toll On Your Relationships?


Kendra Rodgers, Writer

While the stay-at-home order was lifted in Illinois on May 29, there are still many restrictions placed on Chicagoans that prevent us from seeing our beloved friends and family. Many students at Whitney have expressed their concerns about how their relationships with their peers have weakened or been lost altogether. Alongside the pandemic, the recent resurrection of the Black Lives Matter movement has brought many people’s values into perspective. Amari Sails, ‘24, says, “This quarantine has exposed so many racist ‘friends’ and I’m honestly sad but incredibly grateful that recent events have aired that all out.” 

Others also address how their home lives have gone downhill, which isn’t limited to Whitney students. Victoria Camuy, ‘23, says, “My family has really been driving me crazy during the quarantine. Almost everyday we argue about the littlest things. Everyone’s been really stressed out lately so I understand, but I can say that the pandemic really has affected me and my family.” 

And with the many ways to connect with people, you’d believe that it would be easier to get in touch with the ones you care about. But Tamar Adams ‘22, says,  “It ruined my relationships with people I wasn’t extremely cool with. No calls, texts, not even a ‘hey,’ or a ‘hi.’ I pretty much was only friends with them because I had classes with them.” It wasn’t all bad though; he goes on to explain how the pandemic has improved the friendships he’s already developed. “We would stay up all night together, talking about everything or absolute nonsense. I can say I’ve had a lot of fun with the people I’ve already had a bond with. This time inside has only strengthened them.” So while some may argue the quarantine has taken a toll on their friendships, others believe it was a great opportunity to reconnect.