5 Tips to Help With School During Quarantine

Michael Benavente

The coronavirus has thrown many things out of whack in 2020. From professional sports, all the way down to things as simple as going to the grocery store, nothing has been the same. However, thanks to technology we have found ways to continue our education in this time where we can’t come within six feet of each other. Now, just because we have found a way to continue school, doesn’t mean everything is perfect. Many students, including myself, have had issues with remaining focused during classes because we are surrounded by the distractions of our homes (for example Jonathan Napoles ‘21 has found himself increasingly distracted by White Sox baseball games). So, here are five things that can help you remain focused during quarantine.                                                                                                                           

1. Remove distractions from your immediate surroundings.

This is as simple as it sounds, just remove anything that could possibly distract you from the immediate area (for example, some people have to move their phone out of sight, or else they’ll have the urge to check it every few minutes).                                                                   

2. Move to a different location

The location you are working from may be the issue (i.e. there is constant noise that you can’t control), so if you have the ability to move to a different location you should do so, and see if it helps.

3. Get up and stretch

Many people can’t just sit still for a long time, so if you feel yourself losing focus, get up, stretch for a few seconds, and do some breathing exercises. Then, when you sit down you’ll feel refreshed and ready to continue working.

4. Pets

Or, unlike the last example, some people once they get up, they can’t refocus. So, for these people, one possible solution is to have a pet sit on your lap. I had the same issue and for some reason when my cat came and sat on my lap, I had no issues focusing on class, along with having to desire to get up.

5. Music

I wouldn’t recommend doing this one during class, but music can definitely help focus. To quote one of my friends, Jeremiah Garcia ‘22, “If I had my favorite music on, I could do anything for hours.”