Among Us


Kai Ramirez

This mobile and PC game has been the top selling game on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Steam for all of September. It is a simple game to learn yet hard to master. Playing with up to groups of 10 people, it is a classic game of ‘who done it.’ With two impostors among ten total crewmates, the impostors must slowly, but surely kill the rest of the crew without being discovered and voted off. The other eight crewmates must complete a series of tasks before everyone is killed. The twist? During gameplay, no one can speak to each other. Microphones can only be turned on during meetings to discuss who the crew wants to vote off. 

But what makes this game so popular and addicting? An ex Whitney Young student, Alex Vick ‘20 says, “The ability to betray my friends and lie my way out of sticky situations is super exciting!” Jaedon Arceo ‘21 says, “Yeah, Among Us is super fun and it gets your blood pumping when people start to get voted off.” My own little brother Chase Zarate who just turned 11 this summer says, “I like it.” 

Want to try it yourself? Below are the links. Good luck and have fun betraying your friends.

App Store, Google Play, Steam