Stress Relief


Tyson Leitao, Writer/Editor

Stress Relief 

Attention Whitney Young Seniors, coming up on the 23rd of September we have mandatory SAT’s. Although some of you might be stressed out and worried about plenty of things like what college you are going to, if your application is good enough, and how you need to keep up in your classes. I am here to help you become a little less stressed and by the end of this you will be less stressed and continue through your hard schedule. This also applies to all grades. I know that being in your house is definitely stressful, but that is why I am here. I’m going to give you a few tips to become less stressed throughout the day. 

I think one of the keys to becoming stress free is to express yourself through emotion. Maybe that doing something you like to do or watching something that makes you laugh or smile. I asked Whitney Young student Alyssa Valles ‘22, “what ways of expressing emotions they used?” She responded,  “Usually when I’m stressed out a little I like to breathe and release my emotions.” Breathing is definitely a key in having a stress free year. 

  • Spend Time with Family 

Spending time with friends or family could relieve a massive amount of stress. You could learn more about them and just have an all out good time. I asked Whitney Young student Aj Williams ‘21, “What are some things you do with your family?” His response was, “We usually like to watch our favorite shows together and workout together.” You can see how much spending time with family could help take your mind off of your stressful schedule. 

Last but not least exercise. I know you all are cooped up in the house and it can be a struggle, but a good quick 10-15 minute work out could relieve great amounts of stress. Whether it’s 10 pushups or a walk around the block, a nice quick workout relieves stress. I asked Whitney Young student Camryn Henry ‘22, “What are some at home workouts that you do to relieve stress?” “Some workouts I do are just a quick 10 minute ab workout like crunches and sit ups and it really helps.” As you can see a nice 10 minute workout can really help. 

I hope these practices helped with you all with your  stress because I know as Whitney Young students we need it. I know this is an emotionally volatile time, but just remember to breathe and live on.