The New “Normal”: Remote Learning Tips

Nia Lambert, Writer/Editor

With students around the world learning from home, education looks a lot different this year. Online learning requires more tools than in-person learning and this can make it difficult for people from all different backgrounds. “If you are able to delegate what you need to do, then it is a very smooth learning process, but if you need more assistance/attention, it can be really hard to keep up with,” says Kimmy Vu-Smith ‘21.  In this article, I will share eight tips on how you can ace online school.

Create a routine

Treat your day as if you’re going to school. Have a night routine, get dressed, take a shower, have breakfast. “I try to wake up about an hour before school so I’m not rushing in the morning, I also set goals every day to keep me motivated,” eagerly said Nyla Willams ‘23.

Create a study space

Create a space that you’re excited to sit at every day. Try to limit distractions and surround yourself with things that keep you motivated.

Give your eyes a break

Invest in blue light glasses if possible. Try to take breaks from screens, and switch out e-text with hard copies. “I have very sensitive eyes and six hours on a screen can be alot, on my breaks I make sure to not look at technology and really take a break. My blue light glasses are also very helpful,” says Maya Lambert ‘24.

Treat an “online” course like a real course

Even though you’re at home, treat courses just like you would in person. Communicate with classmates and teachers, study for exams, and do your homework. 

Dress the part

Again, treat your day as if you’re going to school. Dress in clothes that incline you to work rather than sleep. For me, I prefer to wear jeans because I am less likely to fall asleep in them. 

Figure out your learning style

Figure out if you’re a visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, or a reading/writing learner. What methods work for you? Do you like lectures, powerpoints, or writing paper notes? Figuring this out will help you manage your time and have better outcomes on your assignments. 

Take a break

Do your work in blocks to lessen the strain on your eyes and head. After finishing one lesson, take a five-minute break before moving on.

Be proud of your achievements

Studying at home isn’t easy. Reward yourself for each small success. Even if it is just getting through the school day!